Brian has incredible wealth of real world knowledge and is passionate about sharing it. I could not have asked for better training. I flew to Havasu thinking I would just get my instrument rating, I flew home with a much more complete and safer approach to aviation. Looking forward to flying with Brian again.
~ Jason Appelbaum

I would say I'm unique, but as I learn the stories and life experiences of my fellow pilots I'm finding it comes with the territory. I've been lucky enough over the years to enjoy many of this worlds extraordinary experiences but until a short conversation with an old friend the possibilities of owning a plane and becoming a pilot never dawned on me. As I jumped in my car, like many busy folks do, I hit the voice recognition and say. "How to learn to fly in San Diego". Within minutes I was scheduled for a intro flight the next morning. Fast forward 2 months and 30 hours without solo later the reality of the industry reared its ugly head. It quickly became obvious that my flight school kept the actual knowledge necessary of getting a ppl a secret that the conflict of interest became very apparent. I understand there is a major need for CFIs because all the qualified pilots have been hired up, and the kids at these schools have one priority being hours, but blatantly misinforming and wasting flight time to keep the money and hours burning I believe is all too common practice.
As something that started off on a whim as a hobby quickly became a passion, the turn and burn scam flight school was no longer appealing. I've never been one to turn down a challenge or do something half way so I decided to seek out the best. I chased down some of the industries most respected professionals and whether by fate or luck was able to have some long and informative conversations, "All Roads Lead to Rome". Brian Shultz seemed to be the man. I got ahold of him and scheduled a meeting in Lake Havasu. With my wife and kids we spent an hour together and at that moment I knew that I had stumbled on a rare breed.
The more I think about it the clearer it becomes, that the expectation of a true CFI are surreal. A position that is merely a stepping stone for so many has an expectation to teach someone the skills to stay alive, have confidence through fear, be rigorous in their technique and instill a will to continue learning even after their job is done. This is exactly the experience that I was able to have with Mr. Schultz. After our first meeting he agreed to put his year long plans for Oshkosh aside and start at sunrise the following week when I could get the plane out to Az. As the sun came up mid way through my preflight at the deserted P20 I hear the whine of a Meridian rolling down the runway and out pops my new CFI. There was no doubt at that moment instructing flight was more than a job or hour builder for this guy. Brian pushed me to be my best. With temperatures well over 100 degrees and his ice machine pumping in the back seats he went way beyond what is required and I knew most of all, he actually cared. He looked my wife and sons in their eyes at our first meeting and told them that he would make me a pilot. For the next two weeks we spent the better part of everyday together going over everything. Looking back at my check ride he probably could have prepped me to pass within a few days but this craft is much more to Brian than that. He wouldn't let me go until he was confident that I would be safe, my family would be safe, and most of all I would have the confidence to continue after he left my side.
With all that I have done in my life this experience stands out because it is one of very few where the consequences of ineptitude are so great. I think about it almost every time I fly that what would my situation be like had I just gone through the motions with a kid building hours that really could care less about my success. I am extremely grateful for my time with Brian. His passion for instruction oozes from his pores and everyone that has the benefit of flying with him knows that. It is an honor to be another one of his success stories.
~ Scott Crampton

I recently reach out to Brian for some instruction and recurrent training in my Bonanza A36. His knowledge, experience and ability to identify my weaknesses was simply amazing. Brian has a passion for flying, instructing, mentoring and working to elevate skills of fellow pilots. After a few hours, I have learned new techniques, eliminated bad habits and improved my skills to become a safer pilot. He also identified and researched a solution to my auto-pilot issue! Highly recommended!
~ Greg Stevens

I can’t thank Brian enough for all the hard work he put in to helping me get ready for my instrument check ride. We had a great flight in a bunch of actual to So Cal. Took the long route which was fantastic. Brian is extremely knowledgeable of the local weather and loves to share his knowledge. The amount of hustle he is willing to put into your instruction is astonishing. If you want to be a better pilot give Brian the chance to work with you.
~ Taylor Preisser

In the many BFR and IPC reviews I’ve had in thirty years of flying there is only one where I learned more than I did with Brian. That was after a 5 year retreat from flying with relatively few hours and the insurance company required 10 hours of dual (costing extra of course). In addition, since getting a B36TC Bonanza, I’ve seeked type specific training. Brian is a BPPP certified instructor and sure knows Bonanzas.
~ Joel Werre

Brian is a great instructor. He helped me perfect a few maneuvers that I was struggling with to get my Private Pilot’s license. He took a personal interest in my success, was always available and was always in communication with me. Just got my license and could not have done it without him. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get a their first or more advanced rating.
~ Karen Diebert Depner

Brian Schultz is one of the best instructors I’ve had! He will go out of his way to help you at the drop of a hat! One of the best!! Thanks for all your help!
~ Barry Elliott

I can't Thank Brian at Arizona Aviation Services enough, turned my dream into a reality! He Is always professional and extremely knowledgeable! Spends time to break things down for me to understand in the most simplistic way. Always going above and beyond. Truly an asset to our flying community!
~ Vince B.

Brian Schultz is amazing instructor with years of experience. He is extremely professional and amazing at breaking stuff down so it's easy to understand.
~ Matt E.

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